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Sinus Rinse Regular Kit isotonic

Sinus Rinse Regular Kit  isotonic
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Model: SRRK
Manufacturer: NeilMed

This is the nasal irrigation system for the consumers who are having allergies and  Sinus symptoms.  Also very effective for  the people  who are exposed to the Occupational dust, such as fire fighters, carpenters,   grass cutters as they need to flush out the inhaled dust on a daily basis, as a preventive measure against any   potential of deterioration of  their upper respiratory  system. Neilmed Pharmaceutical Co. has done an extremely remarkable job in introducing the Nasal  Irrigation system in one or another form to cover the all age group of the people. Not hundreds, but thousands of the people from health industry say with one voice, “ Yes,  it works”. The users do not hesitate to say, “ Yes, it works. This has saved my life”. There are other nasal irrigation systems also available in the  market, but the most Popular and most effective one as said by users is from  “Neilmed”.  This is because of  the uniquely designed squeeze bottle and Neti-Pot applicators along with the carefully formulated mixture content supplied in the each packet for each application. All these products are patented and FDA approved. The unique characteristics as mentioned by Neilmed are:

1.PH balanced

2.Free of any preservative, iodine or Latex

3. No stinging or burning effect when used

4.Free of any drug or medication

5. Natural ingradient, simply a dry mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Chloride USP Grade

6.Available in Isotonic ( for adults & Pediatric) and Hypertonic form ( Hypertonic may create little

   Stinging & burning effect)

7. Safe to use during pregnanacy

8. Very effective to use after Sinus Surgery & for CPAP  and Oxygen patients


The relief from Allergies and Sinus Symptoms as mentioned by Neilmed:

1.Nasal Allergies & Dryness

2.Sinus Pressure & Nasal stiffness

3.Nasal symptoms from Flu and Cold viruses

4.Nasal irritation from Occupational Dust, Fumes, Animal Dander,Grass, Pollen, smoke, Dustmites

5.Post nasal Drip & nasal congestion

It is said that in some cases regular nasal rinses have reduced the symptoms of snoring and asthma.

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