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Neti Pot

Neti Pot
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Manufacturer: NeilMed

Neti-pot is the alternate method of doing the nasal wash or nasal irrigation. Some users are
comfortable to use this one as the solution is delivered through the nasal passages is by gravity.
This will create a gentle and smooth flow from one nasal passage and out from other one,
cleaning all allergens, mucus, dust, crust. So that it helps to reduce the inflammation of nasal
passages and  with an improvement in the oxygen intake.

Though the use is little cumbersome compared to the squeeze bottle but many users manage it
very well. Also some users who have physical limitations such as arthritis in their fingers can use
this easily as there is no squeezing required as in the use of squeeze bottle method.

Compared to very conventional Neti-Pots available in the market, Neilmed Pharmaceutical’s
has designed their neti-pot with many thoughts so that the consumers can use it easily in a
very effective way.

The spout is placed at 45 degree instead of keeping flat like other brand, so that the users do
not require to tilt the neck much on sideways.

The tip of the spout is rounded and smooth so as to insert little into the nose is not irritating
and the gentle smooth flow will flow through nasal passages .

The top of Neti-Pot  has a cap with liitle hole so as to prevent any over spillage and volume
can be controlled easily.

Also it is made of plastic so that it stays  light weight with the solution and becomes easy to hold.

Also it is available in porcelain as some users would like to have for its better finishing and look.

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